Easy Ways to Get Rid of Online Status on WhatsApp

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Online Status on WhatsApp

There are two ways to eliminate online status on WhatsApp.

For those of you who are lazy to reply to doi chat, but there are other messages that must be replied immediately, you can eliminate the online status on WhatsApp. Online status in the chat room or chat is a familiar feature in the WhatsApp application.

The online status in the chat room is useful for notifying contacts or other users who are connected at that time. The existence of online status, our friends will know that we are online when opening messages or chat from the same time. Not only that, other users can also see the last time we were online or open Whatsapp 2020 APK . The notice will be seen if we open someone else's chat room. But sometimes we do not want the activity to be known by others to want the online status on WhatsApp lost.

Then how do you get rid of the online status on WhatsApp? 

Open the WhatsApp application

Tap the dot icon in the upper right corner

After entering the 'Settings' menu or settings, select 'Account'.

After that, tap the reading 'Privacy' to enter the privacy settings

6. There are many options in the menu options, you can select Last Viewed' and select the 'None' option.

That way, other users will not be able to see their online status and the status of 'Last Viewed'. However, online status only does not appear if you have stopped using the application. The online status will reappear if you use the application again.

# The second way

This method is very useful if you don't want to bring up online status, but on the other hand you have to immediately reply to messages from other users.

1. Do not be too hasty reply

If a WhatsApp message comes in, and you have to reply as soon as possible, but don't want to bring up the online status, don't be too hasty to open the message.

2. Turn on Airplane Mode

You can temporarily turn on airplane mode so that the online status does not appear, before opening the message.

3. Open WhatsApp

4. Open the chat room of the person you want to reply to


After opening the chat room that you want, you can immediately reply to the message.

5. If you have already replied, exit the WhatsApp application

6. Turn of airplane mode

When you exit WhatsApp, you can turn off airplane mode again. Your message will be sent if the cellular data is already on.