Gangster life

Gangster life



On the list of the most famous New Zealand directors for now probably reigns Peter Jackson, the creator of the film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" or "The Hobbit." For some time, it's certainly worth watching another director from the Antipodes. Taika Waititi, on which the film world has probably caught the eye after the well-received "What we do in secret", is not going to slow down the pace and even before his next project "Thor: Ragnarok" takes us on an extremely interesting adventure about certain savages. Taika Waititi Defender FilmsCurious Film The main character of "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" is thirteen-year-old Ricky Baker (played by Julian Dennison), who goes to a foster family. Ricky is a wayward guy with an uninteresting file - as the social worker calls him. The nice aunt Bella (Rima Te Wiata) and the grumpy uncle Hec (Sam Neill) is now a new family for the fat young hip-hop fan. To make matters worse, their place of residence is a farm located near a bush spread over an area of ​​one million hectares. It is in this region that the lion's share of the film takes place. Taika Waititi in a climate of comedy clashes with each other, diametrically opposed. Fat teenager Ricky raised in children's homes, having his original style of being and dressing, rap and action movie lover.


On the other side is Uncle Hec - a loner, a hunter, for whom peace of mind is extremely important. However, everything is verified by the New Zealand bush in which they will be staying.


      Julian Dennison Defender FilmsCurious Film Sometimes, the redrawn in films sabotage the whole picture.


Waititi, however, does it with great sensitivity, and above all with a great distance of characters to the world and themselves. Often, even the most bizarre situations in the movie seem to fully fit into the presented world.


The lightness of the story gives the viewer some comfort, we do not feel overwhelmed by the survival conditions in a huge and picturesque area.


The director, through Ricky's eyes, treats events as a kind of adventure of a lifetime, which should last absolutely as long as possible. Julian Dennison, Sam Neill Defender FilmsCurious The film "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" is somewhat the spiritual heir of "Moonrise Kingdom" by Wes Anderson. Both images are inseparably connected not only by the theme of a certain escape, but mainly by the way the characters are created, a world where grotesqueness determines the course and frames of the whole story. The beautiful New Zealand landscapes with some catchy songs from Moniker add a positive injection to this exquisite story ...